Serena Williams the former top ranked Tenns player was seen with huge patch in the hair when she was out for dinner with a friend yesterday.

Some hair loss experts think that using extensions can cause this type of hair loss. The name of this type of hair loss is called traction alopecia. Typical symptoms are hair braiding, weaving, and the wearing of hair extensions.

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Expert also said that prolonged traction can cause permanent loss of hair in certain areas, but if you react early enough the hair can regrow.




I just came across a new study from Dr. Bahman Guyuron who found out that had multiple marriages and divorces suffer more from hair loss than Women who are happily married.

Interesting, divorced men don’t suffer more from hair loss than the average men.

Hair Loss-Divorce Correlation – why Divorces cause Hair Loss in Women

The study also showed that women who sleep more than 8 hours a day, smoke excessively or have a lot of sun exposure have a higher
probability of losing hair.


What can women do to avoid hair loss?

– protect from sun

– avoid smoking

– happy relationships

– limit hours of sleep


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Simple Hair Loss Treatments To Regrow and Retain Hair

Hey, I’m Andy and I recently noticed that my hairline looked a bit different. By comparing my hairline to pictures when I was in the early 20s I saw that my temples have receded a bit. I can even see quite a bit of scalp through the hair at front.

This was quite a shock for me and I started to look for Hair Loss treatments that would help me  to retain and regrow my hair…

I’ve spent the last few weeks to compile other peoples’ reviews on forums, message boards and blogs. Before testing any Hair Loss Products I wanted to find out what works best to help me to regrow and retain my hair.

What are the results?

When you research online and read Hair Loss Treatment Reviews you’ll often find a lot of  “biased” websites that just want to sell you their “revolutionary” hair loss treatment. Also over 95% of those “miracle” hair loss solutions don’t seem to work…  That’s why I decided to create the website to share my research results with you and to help you find Hair Loss Products that work and the ones to avoid (some can have serious side effects) based on real reviews from forums, message boards and blogs.

Do you have any experiences with Hair Loss Treatments? Let me know and I’m happy to add your personal experience with a hair loss product! This will help our visitors to save time and money by being better informed about all the Hair Loss Treatment products available online (good or bad).