Profollica Reviews – is Profollica a scam or the real deal?


Profollica ReviewProfollica claims to have a formula that will not only stop current hair loss, but regrow new hair as well. With so many different hair loss products now on the market, let’s see if their claims are true…

Have you been looking around for real Profollica reviews? You’ll find some important facts in this review you should understand before you decide to order the product. Read on…


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What is Profollica?

Profollica is comprehensive, two part system that address both the internal and external issues of hair loss. The first step is a daily supplement, while the second step involves applying an activator gel with Trichogen. Both of these steps work to improve health and tackle Dihydrotestosteron (DHT), which is the main cause of hair loss in men. DHT is created during a process when Androgen (a male hormone) combines with 5 Alpha Reductase (5AR) enzymes and testosterone. DHT prevents hair follicles from getting important nutrition which subsequently results in hair loss.


How Profollica works

Profollica contains all natural ingredients, such as: manganese gluconate, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin b-12, niacin, iodine, biotin, chlorophyll, zinc oxide, paba, and a whole host of amino acids and proteins, that are said to reduce the amount of DHT reaching the hair follicle. All it takes is a tablet and some activator gel rubbed into damp hair at receding areas.


Does Profollica also work for women?

Profollica is safe for use by women, as it uses vitamins, proteins, and amino acids that naturally enrich hair and the scalp.


Research Results for Profollica

Is Profollica a scam? Not according to the University of Florida – Jacksonville’s Dr. Alex Vasquez, who enthusiastically endorses Profollica, saying “I give Profollica my whole-hearted recommendation. Any man looking to defeat hair loss could benefit from trying Profollica’s powerful 2 step hair regrowth system.”

In case you haven’t seen Dr. Alex Vasquez Profollica Review Video you can watch it here:

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At the conclusion of a 112 day clinical trial of Profollica, 90% of men reported a decrease in overall hair loss, 87.5% reported good, or quite good hair regrowth. There is a lack of solid customer Profollica reviews online which means that this is another hair loss treatment that really needs to be tried to know if it works for sure. However, it does have a lot of beneficial ingredients which lends credibility to Profollica’s claims.


Advantages of Profollica

  • Uses vitamins, proteins, and amino acids to enrich your body from the inside
  • Is safe for both sexes
  • Studies show successful results

Disadvantages of Profollica

  • When first applying the topical activator there might be redness or tingling
  • Is not recommended for pregnant women, or women trying to get pregnant


Where to buy Profollica?

Also Profollica is sold on Amazon buying from the official site on provides many advantages like

  • Profollica offers a 60 day money back guarantee, 
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Profollica can also be ordered from Canada, UK, Australia and Europe (click here for international orders).



Profollica has worked for many people and we haven’t found any negative customers reports online which is a good sign. Profollica is part of the top recommended anti-hair loss products and worth a try when you struggled with other hair loss treatment products. Check out the official Profollica website here for the best Profollica deals online.


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