Avacor Reviews – Do Avacor Hair Regroth Products Really Work?

Are you looking for Avacor reviews to find out if it is a scam, or where to buy Avacor at low prices? Avacor claims to have FDA approval for retarding hair loss and promoting re-growth. It turns out the FDA approval is for the active ingredient, minoxidil, not Avacor, as are the research results quoted. So does Avacor work or is it s scam? Let’s take a closer look.

About Avacor


Originally available from Global Vision Products,  Avacor is now a product of and marketed – with less hype – by Avacor Products LLC, following a dubious past of investigative reporting and law suits. It is available on its own or as part of a range including All Natural Nutricap, Boost thickening serum and detoxifying shampoo. The line of products is supposed to encourage re-growth and promote healthy hair.


Ingredients and Action


The product mostly addressed by Avacor reviews is Avacor Physicians Formulation (APF). Its formula for men contains 5 % of minoxidil, 50 % propylene glycol, 30 % alcohol and purified water, with APF for women containing only 2 % of minoxidil. APF is applied to the scalp – using a 1 ml dropper and working in rows – and rubbed in twice daily. Once absorbed, the minoxidil stimulates hair growth by causing follicles to prematurely enter their growth phase (anagen); prolonging the anagen and increasing follicle size.


Avacor Side Effects

Avacor side effects may include scalp/ skin reactions, such as dryness, redness, mild burning or itching and  GI discomforts like constipation, nausea, mild heartburn or diarrhea, as well as – on very rare occasions – dizziness, faintness, light headedness or headaches; water retention, unexplained sudden weight gain, chest discomfort/ tightness or rapid heart beat.


Avacor Reviews


According to users’ Avacor reviews, the product is reported to be excessively expensive, but appears to provide some visible results. As one user states: ‘I used Avacor for six month and saw some minor results, but the expense caused me to switch to a more affordable product.’  Another Avacor review reads: ‘My friend used Avacor for nearly eight months and really liked the results. He stopped using it because of the price.’


Who uses Avacor?


Avacor reviews show that predominantly individuals suffering from general hair loss on the scalp will benefit from the product, which is not suitable for frontal hair loss or receding hairlines. It should not be used under the age of 18 or by individuals without family histories of baldness. People suffering from sudden, patchy or unexplained baldness and heart problems or pregnant and breast feeding women should also not use Avacor.



Avacor’s advantages are:

•             Visible, if moderate, re-growth

•             Range promotes healthy looking hair

•             90 day money back guarantee

•             Avacor coupons

•             Avacor discounts



The main disadvantages pointed out by Avacor reviews of the Physicians Formulation and other products within the range are:

•             High price

•             Growth may only last 48 weeks


Where to buy Avacor


Avacor buyers from Australia, Canada, Europe, India and the UK appear to have to buy from Amazon, because the company only ships direct to US locations. Although Amazon is cheaper, US users should buy Avacor directly from www.avacor.com, because they are offered bulk purchase and/ or package discounts, special discounts and a 90 day money back warranty on the site.



Avacor does show some results, but in comparison to the top recommended product – Procerin  it does not fare as well, because Procerin uses only organic ingredients, is more cost effective – only one product is needed for optimal results – and the results are longer lasting. Overall Rating: 3/5





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