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Looking for DermMatch Reviews to see if it is a scam? Trying to find out where to buy DermMatch at the lowest price? DermMatch promises to change people’s lives by providing thicker, fuller hair and making bald areas disappear in an instant and without risk. Does this sound too good to be true? Does DermMatch work or is DermMatch scam? Read on to find out more.



About DermMatch


DermMatch Inc has been in the business of serving people of all ages suffering from hair loss, as well as hair restoration surgeons and dermatologists since 1992. The company stresses that DermMatch is not a product to promote or achieve hair growth, but is a topical cosmetic solely used to camouflage thinned or balding areas of the scalp, and claims recommendations by the American Hair Loss Association and the American Hair Loss Council.


Ingredients/ Action


According to DermMatch reviews, the product, which is available in eight colors, consists of natural botanical ingredients. The ingredients include aloe vera, emollients, natural colorants and talc. Applied dry or wet with a supplied applicator and brushed thoroughly, DermMatch colors the scalp to match the user’s hair and coats hairs with botanical thickening agents. This lifts and spreads the hair, making it appear fuller. The effect lasts until the hair is shampooed.


DermMatch Side Effects


DermMatch side effects are rare, but may occur as a result of scalp/ skin reactions to the colorants, as well as occasionally the emollients and other botanicals. The use of talc has been known to worry consumers, as there is allegedly a possibility of talc being connected to cancers. This is mostly due to fears of contamination with asbestos, something the talc industry is now successfully avoiding.


DermMatch Reviews


Users’ DermMatch reviews report the product to be highly successful in what it promises – excellent camouflage. Some users apparently find it difficult to apply, as this excerpt from a DermMatch review shows: ‘Application is not much fun, it feels like slapping mud on your head – but the results are brilliant.’ Others think: ‘ DermMatch is easy to apply and blend in. It works wonders on my health related thinning patches and I would recommend it.’


When to use DermMatch


DermMatch reviews highlight that the product can be used by males and females of all ages, even children, whether the thinning is lifestyle or health related, the result of excessive coloring/ bleaching, genetic or due to male pattern baldness. It can be used safely in conjunction with actual hair growth treatments, on dyed or otherwise treated hair and with hair transplants.



DermMatch advantages are:


  • Pure, natural ingredients
  • Excellent camouflage
  • Risk Free Trial
  • Few known DermMatch Side Effects
  • Availability of DermMatch Coupons



According to DermMatch reviews, the product’s main disadvantages consist of the need to re-apply after the hair has been washed and the following factors:


  • Only hides thinning
  • Application may be difficult


Buying DermMatch


Amazon sells the product, but the best option is to buy DermMatch from, as the site offers special DermMatch discounts on bulk purchases and the risk free trial means consumers can get their money back for up to a year. DermMatch Inc ships to countries around the world, so buyers from Canada, Australia, India, Europe and the UK can also purchase the product direct.




Judging by users’ DermMatch reviews, DermMatch certainly does the trick if the idea is to hide thinning areas. To actually achieve lasting re-growth and better health for hair, however, Procerin has to be the top recommended product.


Overall Rating: 2/5


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