Hair Genesis Review – Does Hair Genesis Work To Regrow Hair?

Hair Genesis ReviewsHair loss is a major problem that affects both men and women. Men are the most likely to fall prey to thinning hair, however, with 25% starting the hair loss process by the age of 21.

Fortunately, treatment options are available that can reverse the process. Hair Genesis is one option that’s proving popular, but does Hair Genesis work? This Hair Genesis review will discuss the main points of the product and give a final verdict.


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What is Hair Genesis?

 Hair Genesis, first sold in 1995, is a botanical, non-drug treatment option for balding and hair loss in men and women. It’s designed to target two major causes of hair loss with a three-step system that uses a shampoo, serum and a supplement to reduce inflammation in the hair follicles and provide the scalp with proper nutrition.

Hair Genesis is the only botanical hair loss treatment that’s completely safe to use and backed by clinical trials to demonstrate its effectiveness. It takes a unique approach to hair loss treatment by attacking the problem from many areas and addressing the major known causes of hair loss in both men and women.


How Hair Genesis Works

Hair Genesis uses a three-step process that starts with a DHT-blocking shampoo to reverse hair loss. This shampoo keeps follicles clear of debris and removes dead skin cells from the scalp. The serum provides follicles with the right nutrition to grow hair. The pill is a supplement for hair growth as well. The saw palmetto and thiotic acid in the treatments are known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and are very effective at reversing hair loss.


Research Results for Hair Genesis

While the idea of a Hair Genesis scam is common, there are actually many clinical studies that back the effectiveness of the ingredients. Saw palmetto, thioctic acid and carnitite, for example, reduce inflammation of hair follicles which has been linked to hair loss. Saw palmetto is also a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, which blocks the formation of a compound known to cause hair loss in men. One Hair Genesis review mentioned that the treatment is sometimes hard to stick to, although results started to show within the first five months.


One customer said, “I’ve been taking hair genesis for about 6 months now and it’s worked amazingly on my front hairline and back thinning. My receding hairline is almost unnoticeable and the hair at the back of my head is normal like the rest of my hair. I would definitely recommend hair genesis for receding hairline.


Advantages of Hair Genesis

  • Three-step system including the popular Hair Genesis shampoo
  • Non-drug approach is safe to use
  • Backed by clinical studies
  • Works for men and women


Disadvantages of Hair Genesis

  • Hair Genesis side effects include a dry, itchy scalp
  • Price can be a bit high


Where to buy Hair Genesis?

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Overall Verdict 

While Hair Genesis has shown great results for many individuals, it still remains a fairly expensive option that isn’t as effective as other treatments currently available. For a less expensive option, try Procerin which produces faster results and contains proven ingredients to reverse hair loss. 


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