Nioxin Reviews

Are you consulting Nioxin reviews to see if Nioxin is a scam? Or are you searching for the cheapest source of Nioxin? Nioxin – a customized product – claims to have been proven to provide thicker, fuller hair within four weeks in 70 % of users. Is this possible? Does Nioxin work this fast – if at all? Find out more below.





About Nioxin


Nioxin provides a course of six 3-part treatments, which are matched to your individual hair type by the website’s automatic consulting tool. The product does not claim to stimulate re-growth, but offers to make the most out of existing hair by reducing breakage through protecting and smoothing hair cuticles, strengthening and protecting individual strands of hair, increasing overall hair health by thoroughly cleansing the scalp, eliminating excess sebum and maintaining vitality.


Ingredients/ Action

Treatments consist of different combinations of white tea extract, peppermint oil, cleansing agents, vitamins, botanicals, sun screen (SPF 15), antioxidants, silk amino acids, protective conditioning agents and kukui nut oil. The hair is cleansed – removing sebum, and other debris – after which the Scalp Therapy conditioner is applied. This controls moisture balance and makes the hair stronger and more resilient. Finally, the Scalp Treatment is applied and combed into the towel dried hair, serving to thicken hair and refresh the scalp.


Nioxin Side Effects

There is a chance of allergic reactions to the botanicals or the propyl glycol and sodium laurel sulfate in the product. The resulting Nioxin side effects may be red blotches or streaks and itching or flaky skin. If this happens, use should be discontinued. When first starting to use Nioxin, it may appear to cause increased hair loss. This, however, is usually dead hair being washed out.


Nioxin Reviews

Nioxin either works very well or causes serious problems, as these very different Nioxin reviews show: ‘It works for me – my hair is thicker, healthier and I’m experiencing less hair loss’ and ‘Every time I use Nioxin, I end up covered in bright red blotches and streaks.’ Another happy user states: ‘I started using Nioxin after having brain surgery. My hair is now in better condition, fuller and longer than before.’


Who uses Nioxin

Anyone wishing to improve their hair’s condition and achieve a fuller, healthier look can benefit from using Nioxin. It will not make hair grow in bald patches, neither does it claim to – it is meant to improve the condition of and strengthen existing hair. It may, however, be advisable to try it on a little patch of skin first, as reactions to the ingredients do seem to be quite common.



Nioxin advantages consist of:


  • Matched to hair types
  • Threefold approach
  • Improved hair condition
  • Available in Salons/ retailers
  • Nioxin Coupons/ Nioxin Discount codes available



Nioxin reviews by users and the official site show that the product certainly has two very distinct disadvantages, namely:


  • Frequent negative reactions
  • Not available through website



Purchasing Nioxin

It is possible for buyers from Canada and across the US to buy Noioxin from salons and major retailers. Buyers from Australia, the UK, India and Europe can find the product on Amazon and other major retail websites. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be possible to buy Nioxin direct from, although a visit is recommended to use the consultant tool.



Nioxin certainly does improve hair condition, as long as the side effects can be avoided. It is recommended, but Procerin does hold the top spot, as it appears to have less frequent negative reactions.


Overall Rating: 3/5



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