ProCede Reviews – ProCede a scam?

Are you searching for ProCede reviews to find out more about the product? Do you wish to know where to find ProCede at the most affordable prices? ProCede promises to thicken hair and give it a fuller appearance by being applied just once every 90 days. Does ProCede work or is Procede a scam?


About ProCede

ProCede has been around for a few years now, and is quite regularly being advertised on the TV. It promises to make both men’s and women’s hair fuller, stronger and thicker. There is no claim of the product encouraging new growth; the claim is that the diameter of thin hair is increased. The lack of accessible details for ProCede could indicate a ProCede scam. Read on and make up your own mind.


Ingredients/ Action

The ingredients of ProCede appear to be a mystery; all that is known is that the product does not contain finasteride or minoxidil. A free gift promised with a 3-month supply of ProCede suggests that panthenol may be one ingredient. How the product works is equally unexplained. All information to be found simply says the product, a two part treatment, has to be applied once every 90 days and will thicken the shaft diameter of hair.


ProCede Side Effects

ProCede side effects are also hard to determine, although the instructions state that the two parts of the treatment should be tested on the user’s arm to determine potential allergic reactions, which may result in rashes, itching or swelling. According to one disgruntled user’s ProCede review, related below, ProCede side effects may include matting, abnormal hair texture and potentially severe hair loss.


ProCede Reviews

ProCede reviews are somewhat mixed, with the most positive ProCede reviews appearing on the site selling the product: ‘This is fabulous. I can finally feel like the man I used to be. ProCede is the best product ever.’ Elsewhere, the story is different: ‘I have yet to see positive results. Wait, let me think – my scalp does appear to be shinier where I used to have hair.’ The ProCede review mentioned earlier states: ‘ After applying the two treatments, my hair felt matted, coarse and rough. I have a sore scalp and half of my hair fell out.’


Who can use ProCede

ProCede was formulated predominantly for use by men, although it is apparently also suitable for women. Not promising to promote new growth, but claiming an increase in the thickness of individual hair strands and overall fullness, it is mostly beneficial for individuals with thinning or thin hair, rather than those wishing to remedy baldness. Caution is, however, advised.



ProCede advantages are:


  • Fuller, thicker hair – if it works
  • Use once every 90 days
  • 90 day free trial
  • Does not contain finasteride or minoxidil



ProCede disadvantages are, apart from the fact that it is extremely difficult to locate a retailer stocking the product and there is no readily available information for buyers from Australia, India, Canada, Europe or the UK:


  • Potentially serious ProCede side effects
  • Little product information available


Where to buy ProCede

The company website no longer exists as a result of complaints from consumers and medical professionals, which is also the reason many retailers have stopped selling ProCede. 



If it works at all, ProCede works well. To be on the safe side, we recommend our top product choice, Procerin, which offers healthy looking, full hair without the risk.


Overall Rating: 2/5




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