Propecia Reviews – How Serious Are Propecia/Finasteride Side Effects?

Hair loss affects about 85% of men by the age of 50, with a quarter of men starting the process as early as 21. It can be devastating, affecting every area of life, especially interpersonal relationships. Men with thinning hair often have feelings of low self-esteem and shame. Fortunately, there are some treatments today that can slow thinning hair and even reverse the process. One popular option is Finasteride (Propecia), but does Finasteride work?

If you are intending to try Finasteride (Propecia) you should read the following facts, there is some very important information you don’t want to miss…

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What is Finasteride (Propecia)?

Finasteride is a drug sold under the brand name Propecia by Merck that was introduced as a treatment for male pattern baldness in 1997. It gained FDA approval to treat male pattern baldness and it is only second drug to do so after Rogaine. Propecia was originally designed to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) but it was found to regrow hair in men after regular use. Finasteride comes in a 1mg pill form and requires a doctor’s prescription. It’s effective because it targets DHT in the body and blocks its production, preventing hair loss in most men with regular use.


How Finasteride Works

Finasteride is a DHT blocker and lowers the amount of DHT in the body by blocking the specific enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Studies show that high DHT levels are one of the major causes of baldness in men. After one year of regular use, 49% of men noticed hair regrowth with 85% of men experiencing no further hair loss after beginning treatment. Because it is available by prescription only, the cost of Propecia varies. It is not covered by all insurance, as well. The cost of finasteride varies from $30 for a one-month supply to over $60. Merck does offer a refund program to patients that use Propecia for 12 full months and experience no results, although a doctor must provide certification.


Research Results for Finasteride / Propecia Reviews

No finasteride review is complete without a mention of the research results that helped it gain FDA approval. A five year study was completed using men with mild to moderate hair loss. A full 66% of the men who took 1mg of finasteride daily experienced hair regrowth. In contrast, all the men who did not take the drug lost hair.

It was shown that the drug is only effective while it is taken, and is most effective on the crown area. Finasteride reviews find the medication to be worthwhile, although many reviewers dislike that it takes a full year to see noticeable results.


Advantages of Finasteride

  • Effective hair loss treatment that’s proven to regrow hair
  • FDA-approved to treat male pattern baldness
  • Backed by clinical studies


Disadvantages of Finasteride

  • Finasteride side effects include an inability to maintain an erection, decreased sexual desire and testicular pain
  • Price can be a bit high
  • Requires a prescription
  • Results may take up to one year


The Verdict 

 There’s no doubt that Finasteride (Propecia) is an effective product to treat hair loss in men. Unfortunately, it comes with too many side effects, requires a prescription and may take up to a year to see results. There are better options available today to treat hair loss, such as Procerin, which is based on natural ingredients and comes with little to no side effects.

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