Prorestora Reviews – Can You Buy Prorestora Safely?

Are you looking to find more information on Prorestora like Prorestora reviews, Prorestora discount?  There are some very important facts you need to understand before ordering Prorestora…  Read the following to not get scammed when you buy Prorestora…


What is Prorestora?

Prorestora is a complete system that includes both a topical and oral treatment to fully target hair loss. Both male and female formulas are offered, both of which contain a blend of FDA-approved ingredients like minoxidil. The first stage of use involves applying the topical treatment to the scalp in the morning and evenings. 1 mL is applied each time with the use of an included dropper and gently massaged into the scalp. The oral pill is also taken twice a day with a meal and is designed to provide the scalp and hair follicles with the right nutrition to grow hair naturally.


How Prorestora Works

To many people using Prorestora, hair loss is a treatable and manageable problem. The product uses minoxidil in the topical solution, the only topical agent to be found effective at regrowing natural hair. The oral treatment has natural, safe ingredients including vitamin B6, zinc, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed and uva-ursi extract. Saw palmetto has been used historically in hair tonics and seems to be an effective 5-reductase inhibitor, preventing the conversion of testosterone that is a major cause of hair loss in men.

While some individuals fear a Prorestora scam, the company does back the product with a full 120% money back guarantee. A starter package costs just under $50, although ordering a 6-month supply saves $100.


Research Results for Prorestora

The main ingredient in the topical portion of the treatment is minoxidil, which has been shown effective in countless studies at regrowing hair naturally. This ingredient is the only topical treatment to have FDA approval and is found in many over-the-counter products like Rogaine. The pill form of the treatment has zinc and saw palmetto, both of which block the production of DHT.

Most Prorestora reviews online were quite satisfied with the product and noticed results after a few months of regular use. One individual actually turned to Prorestora and found results after 4 years of using dozens of ineffective options.


Advantages of Prorestora

  • Unique two-step system targets many causes of hair loss
  • FDA-approved ingredients
  • Affordable with a money-back guarantee
  • Low risk of mild side effects


Disadvantages of Prorestora

  • May cause itching and redness of the scalp after applying topical treatment
  • Recurring headaches are possible with some individuals


Prorestora Results – the Verdict 

Based on research results for the product as well as Prorestora reviews, this product seems to be suited for men and women that wish to regrow hair or prevent hair loss. While some mild side effects are possible, Prorestora seems to be safe. The customer feedback about its effectiveness is mixed and not as good as the current recommendations Procerin. You can read more Procerin Reviews here


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October 22, 2011

Bobby LeQuia @ 1:35 am #

ProRestora is absolutely the worst Customer Service I have ever seen. I don’t have Paypal or Google which is their preferred method of payment. I have contacted them several times via email to order by Credit card and they ignore my emails>

February 4, 2012

Bernard @ 6:25 pm #

Prorestora is great product, but their customer service sucks bad.

September 26, 2012

Stan @ 4:11 am #

I made the mistake of ordering a 12 month supply from this company and after two months of waiting I received only half of my order. The other 6 month supply never arrived, despite numerous emails to ProRestora and asking them for a refund.

I had absolutely NO RESULTS from using ProRestora, that is after using using it religiously for 6 months!!

Now they have changed their name to HairIntegro. Maybe they will scam more people out of their money under the new name or continue delivering shocking service with no results. I wonder if anyone had their product tested, since I doubt it contains the Minoxidil it claims to contain. I have heard of other Minoxidil products on special that actually contains no Minoxidil.

People, best you learn from others’ mistakes and stay away from ProRestora and HairIntegro, or whatever new name they come up with!!!

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