Revivogen Reviews

Are you searching for Revivogen reviews to see whether users suspect a Revivogen scam? Does Revivogen work, will it reduce and reverse hair loss? To find truthful answers to these and other question and see where to buy Revivogen at low prices, continue reading.


About Revivogen

Revivogen was developed by Advanced Skin and Hair Inc’s Alex Khadavi, MD, a board certified dermatologist, in 1999. Since then, customers and medical experts have recognized Revivogen as a powerful treatment for hair loss. Revivogen promises maximum improvement after 16 to 18 months and works in four phases. The first two to four weeks will show a slight increase in shedding. After 60 to 90 days of use you will notice a significant reduce in hair loss and hair will begin to thicken within three to six months.


Ingredients and Action

The Revivogen system contains natural compounds which have been proven by clinical studies to inhibit the enzyme responsible for producing DHT, the root cause of hair loss. A chemical called 5-Alpha-Reductase, blocks androgen receptors and stimulate growth of hair. Active ingredients include Alpha Linolenic acid, Gamma Linolenic acid, Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Azaleic acid, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Beta-Sitosterol, Procyanidin Oligomers and Saw Palmetto Extract. In addition to stimulating growth and reducing loss, Revivogen surrounds hair with vital proteins to instantly increase fullness.


Revivogen Side Effects

There are few reported Revivogen side effects, namely mild skin irritation, which is only known to occur in around two per cent of users, and occasional incidents of slight reddening or itching. The reddening and itching is reportedly rarely serious and typically recedes very quickly. Most Revivogen reviews describe the product as having no side effects at all, a rarity  indeed.


Revivogen Reviews

Users’ Revivogen reviews are typically full of praise, as these examples show: ‘I have been using Revivogen for a year and half now. The results are beyond my wildest dreams. I have a nearly full head of hair and hair loss has stopped completely.’ This is what another user’s Revivogen review says: ‘After using Revivogen for three weeks, my hair loss decreased. My stylist is amazed at the thickness of my hair today, four months later – it looks like it did ten years ago.’


Who can benefit from Revivogen?

The Revivogen treatment system is suitable for all people with thinning, balding hair. Unlike some other products, Revivogen can be used by men and women of all hair types and of all ethnic groups (many products fail to achieve good results in African, Latino or Asian individuals due to slight variations in hair texture, etc). This can certainly be regarded as an advantage.


Revivogen Pros

  • Reduces hair loss
  • Stimulates new growth
  • Suits all ethnic groups
  • No major Revivogen side effects
  • Revivogen coupons available



There seem to be no major disadvantages in the use of the Revivogen hair loss treatment system. If anything, the following may be seen as disadvantages:

  • Two per cent of users may experience irritation
  • Rare incidents of reddening


Where to buy Revivogen

Revivogen is available from Amazon and it can be purchaseed directly  from their official website It offers a 90-day money back warranty, as well as bulk purchase Revivogen discounts. Buyers from India, the UK, Canada, Australia and Europe will be pleased to know that the company ships to worldwide destinations, with deliveries promised within around seven days.



Judging by users’ Revivogen reviews, the system certainly does what it promises. The only reason it is not the top recommended product is because Procerin  is a single, no fuss treatment.


Overall Rating: 3/5


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