ScalpMed Reviews

ScalpMed claims to reduce hair loss and help re-grow hair within 60 days. Does ScalpMed work, or is ScalpMed a scam? If you are looking for ScalpMed reviews to answer this question, or if you are trying to find out where to buy ScalpMed at lower prices, you have come to the right place. For honest answers, read on.


About ScalpMed


ScalpMed is a system of topical hair care products, consisting of Vitadil-5A (for men) or Vitadil-2A (for women), both of which are designed to reduce hair loss and aid re-growth; a Cortex Enlarger thickening spray and NutriSol, which is meant to affect the hair follicles. There is also a detoxifying cleanser kit, which is designed to remove excess sebum and other toxins near the hair follicles.


Active Ingredients


Vitadil-5A (for men) and  Vitadil-2A (for women) contain Minoxidil (5 % and 2 % respectively), which has been shown to reduce hair loss and improve re-growth in both male and female cases of pattern baldness. The Cortex Enlarger Spray contains panthenol and a range of other ingredients designed to add fullness and body to hair, while the Nutrisol contains beta-sitosterol, various essential amino acids, herbs and minerals designed to penetrate and revitalize hair follicles. Detoxifying cleanser kits contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate-free shampoo and a pro-vitamin B-5 Panthenol DX Scalp Detoxifier, which dissolves sebaceous secretions and toxins around hair follicles.


ScalpMed Side Effects


Although ScalpMed manufacturers claim that there are no side effects, ScalpMed side effects have been known to include Minoxidil-related irritations, itching and occasionally increased hair loss. Rare ScalpMed side effects include faintness, dizziness, chest pains, irregular or fast heart beat, swollen hands, feet or face and sudden weight gain, as well as blurred vision, dandruff, and unwanted hair growth on the ears, cheeks and back.


ScalpMed Reviews


User reviews address the question of a ScalpMed scam. ScalpMed reviews provided by actual users agree that results are seen, but, as the following excerpts show, most find the product too expensive. One user says: “I have 35 % more hair growth, but my wallet has shrunk significantly.” Another ScalpMed review states: “There is definitely a slight reduction in my hair loss, but I can’t afford to keep this treatment going – it’s too expensive.”


ScalpMed Users


Any man or woman suffering from thinning and/or pattern baldness will benefit from using ScalpMed, that much is clear. The question is, can they afford to keep the treatment going? Apparently, there are treatments of equal quality available at much lower prices. What’s more, rumor has it that if the treatment is stopped, the new growth will fall out again relatively quickly.


ScalpMed Pros


  • Reduced hair loss
  • Increase of new growth
  • Results show within 2 months
  • ScalpMed coupons widely available
  • ScalpMed discounts for bulk purchases




ScalpMed does have a disadvantage or two, including


  • Product is expensive
  • Potentially serious ScalpMed side effects
  • New hair may fall out if use is discontinued



Where to Buy ScalpMed

 ScalpMed is available from Amazon, which is likely to be the place to go for buyers from the UK, Australia, Canada, India or Europe. For US users, a good place to buy ScalpMed is from, as the site currently offers a “buy two months supply, get two months free” deal.



ScalpMed certainly does work, but it misses out on the top spot for recommendation, because Procerin is not only simpler to use, it is also more cost-effective.

Overall Rating: 3/5


You can read the full Procerin Review and why it is currently the preferred hair loss treatment here



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