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The makers of Toppik claim that the product will make hair look fuller and thicker in seconds, without the use of harmful chemicals. Are you reading reviews to find out if it works? Are you searching for a way to get the product cheaper? Is the real question is Toppik scam or does Toppik work? Find out the truth about Toppik here.


About Toppik


Toppik is available in nine colors and is one of a selection of instant solutions offered to people with thinning hair by a company called Spencer Forrest Inc. This product is quite clearly described as a topical, cosmetic solution only. There are no claims that Toppik will improve the actual condition of the hair, reduce hair loss or stimulate new growth. Claims that the product consists purely of Keratin, however, are a little misleading, to say the least.


Ingredients/ Action


The ingredients actually contained in Toppik, as stated by various professional Toppik reviews, include Keratin, Silica, Ammonium Chloride, DMDM Hydantion and Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate. Colorants included in varying proportions are D&C Green #5, D&C Orange #4, D&C Green #6, FD&C Blue #1, D&C Red #22, and D&C Red #33, as well as FD&C Green #3, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Red #40 and FD&C Yellow #6. Applied to dry hair after styling, Toppik’s Keratin fibers intertwine and bond with the hair to give it a thicker, fuller appearance.



Toppik Side Effects


Toppik side effects generally consist of rare allergic reactions – rashes, itching, etc – to the Keratin. For migraine sufferers, however, the ammonium chloride and other chemicals contained in Toppik can cause more serious effects, including headaches, muscle aches, heart palpitations and, in extreme cases, even nose bleeds. Although these reactions are rare, Toppik reviews by users have shown that they do occur.


Toppik Reviews


Actual users’ Toppik reviews show that application of the product really does have some good effects: “For someone with thinning hair, Toppik is a real god send.” In another Toppik review, the user states: “I thought I’d give Toppik a try and now I won’t leave home without it.” The next user had problems: “I didn’t connect Toppik to my sudden severe headaches, muscle pains and heart palpitations at first, because I thought it only contained Keratin. On realizing it contains Ammonium Chloride, I stopped using it and immediately felt better.”



Toppik Users

Toppik is suitable for any individual, male or female, with thinning hair. This includes people from all ethnic backgrounds and of all hair types. It is, however, not suitable for large bald areas, as hair is needed for the Keratin fibers to have something to bond to. Migraine sufferers are advised not to use Toppik, as the Ammonium Chloride and some of the other chemicals may cause some rather unpleasant Toppik side effects. 



Toppik Pros

  • Some users see good results
  • Available in 9 colors
  • Results are instant
  • Toppik coupons widely available
  • Comparatively inexpensive



Toppik does have a couple of disadvantages, consisting largely of:

  • Results are temporary
  • Potentially serious Toppik side effects for migraine sufferers
  • No Toppik discounts for bulk purchases


Where to buy Toppik

Users can buy Toppik from Amazon, but the better choice is to buy from, as all colors and various sizes are available here. For US customers, the site also offers free shipping for orders above $150. Buyers from Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia and India can also order directly from the site.




Toppik provides an excellent temporary solution, but Procerin  has to be the top recommendation, as it provides lasting improvement in hair condition.

 Overall Rating: 3/5


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