Viviscal Reviews

Are you trying to find Viviscal reviews to locate a dealer that sells the product at a low price? Or are you hoping to answer the question, “Is Viviscal scam or does Viviscal work?” The makers claim that Viviscal promotes hair growth through a scientifically proven formula. Can a supplement really help to grow hair? For unbiased, honest answers, look no further.


About Viviscal


Viviscal is supposed to be a completely natural hair loss treatment in the form of a supplement. According to the official website, scientific studies have proven that on average, a reduction in hair loss of 46 percent can be achieved over a ten week period. These studies also claim that Viviscal is effective in the treatment of alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis and hereditary androgenic alopecia. In addition to the supplement, there are also a range of available shampoos and conditioners to compliment the treatment.


Ingredients/ Action


Two tablets of Viviscal, which contains marine protein extract (AminoMar C), vitamin C in the form of Acerola Cherry Extract and Horsetail extract (organic type of silica), as well as ( in Viviscal Man) Flax Seed and Zinc, are taken twice daily for six months. The supplement works in four stages: nourishing hair follicles, strengthening and promoting hair growth, supporting slowed and temporarily stopped growth (new growth may appear wispy and thin) and finally, strengthening the hair and increasing health and vibrancy.


Viviscal Side Effects 

There are no  known or proven Viviscal side effects, although there have been a couple of isolated incidents where Viviscal was alleged to have caused a slight gain in body weight, as well as one or two reports of women growing hair on their chest. These incidents are, however, extremely rare and could not be attributed to Viviscal use with certainty.


Viviscal Reviews


One user’s Viviscal review states: “I have been on Viviscal for four months now and some new growth is starting to be obvious, so it’s looking good.” Another one of the many Viviscal reviews found says: “Every time I showered, my hair fell out in clumps. Since using Viviscal, the difference is unbelievable – my hair stopped coming out and feels and looks much better.  I love it.”


Viviscal Users


Viviscal is suitable for users of all hair types, ethnic backgrounds or gender. According to the scientific studies shown on the Viviscal website, sufferers from generally thinning hair will benefit as much from the supplement as sufferers from hereditary androgenic alopecia, alopecia universalis, alopecia totalis and alopecia areata.


Viviscal Pros


  • Average growth improvement of 46 %
  • Easy to use
  • Scientifically proven
  • Viviscal coupons widely available
  • No known Viviscal side effects




It appears that Viviscal does not have many disadvantages, with most users being at least partially happy with performance, lack of Viviscal side effects, and so on. The one disadvantage worth mentioning is:


  • Product is comparatively expensive


Where to buy Viviscal


It is possible to purchase Viviscal from Amazon and other retailers. The perfect option, however, is to go to and purchase directly from there. Not only does the site offer Viviscal discounts on bulk purchases, it also promises to match the prices of other retailers. Buyers from Europe and the UK, India, Canada and Australia can also purchase direct, as the company ships to international destinations.




It seems there is no Viviscal scam, the product does achieve some visible results. However, as the supplement works best in conjunction with the appropriate shampoos and conditioners, the single product Procerin   is still the top recommendation.


Overall Rating: 3/5


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